Authorization for Home Inspection Services

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(Client) agrees to employ HOMESPEC to provide real estate Inspection services.

Or such other time as mutually agreeable.

Client agrees to pay a fee in the amount of $ to HOMESPEC at or before the time of inspection.

Client understands that Client is responsible for payment of the inspection fee whether or not anyone purchases the property.

5. Inspection: Homespec agrees to provide an Inspector, licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission, who will perform the following inspections:

A. Structural:
  • Foundation
  • Roof
  • Load Bearing Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Windows
  • Water Penetration   
  • Fireplace/Chimney 
  • Doors
  • Screens
  • Floors
B. Equipment and Systems:
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Dishwasher
  • Disposal
  • Range
  • Oven
  • Water Heater
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Garage door openers
  • Trash compactor

Homespec does NOT inspect for the following: environmental concerns, including mold, radon gas, termites, solar heating, water softeners, alarm systems, intercoms, laundry equipment, air humidifiers, water filters, water wells, pumps and septic systems, cleaning function of self-cleaning ovens, or pressure testing of gas lines. You should have these inspected by persons specifically licensed and qualified.

6. Scope of Inspection:  The scope of the inspection is strictly limited to those items requested in writing and listed above. The inspection is intended to be a practical, non-destructive test of the functions of the major components of the building. The testing is limited to visual, audible and operational techniques. The Client understands that the inspector will not dig, probe, dismantle equipment, or remove permanent materials on items which would be damaged by such, nor will he enter unsafe or inaccessible areas to perform the inspection. Further, the inspector does not determine the operational capacity quality or suitability for a particular use on items inspected. This inspection does not cover any latent defect or defects not reasonably observable during the inspection, including, but not limited to, recent repairs, paint, or covering that may conceal current or prior defects, whether deliberately concealed or otherwise. This inspection is done pursuant to the rules of the Texas Real Estate Commission, which rules are incorporated herein for all purposes.
The following specific limitations apply: (A) Design problems are not within the scope of the inspection. (B) Fireplaces are inspected visually. The draft is not tested. (C) Neither Homespec nor its inspector will turn on any utilities. All utilities and pilot lights must be turned on and operational inside the facility. (D) Swimming pools and hot tub heaters must be turned on at least twenty-four hours prior to the inspection. Pools and hot tubs must be full of water, clean and operational. (E) Gas lines are inspected for leaks and other defects at connections to appliances. Unexposed gas lines are not inspected. (F) No test samples are cut out of the roof. Only a visual inspection of the roof is made. (G) Plumbing inspections include visible plumbing and water heaters. (H) Electrical system inspections include visible wiring, switches and those wall outlets to which the inspector can gain access. Not included are cosmetic items such as broken or missing glass in electrical fixtures.  (I) Oven inspections do not include the operation of the cleaning cycle. (J) The report will include cosmetic items such as soiled or torn floor coverings of carpet or vinyl or other defects which are present due to poor housekeeping or maintenance. (K) The inspector will not change lightbulbs, move obstructions such as furniture or floor coverings, or remove more than the minimum fixtures or panels required to inspect any part of the facility or appliance. (L) The report will not include typical settlement cracks in concrete of the garage, porch, patio, sidewalks or driveways, unless, in the opinion of the inspector, they are part of damage to the structure of the main building or main foundation. (M) An inspection of the air conditioning system (except heat pumps) will not be conducted when the outside temperature is below 60°F. Operation during period of low outside temperature can damage the compressor.
7. Report: Homespec agrees to provide a written report on Homespec’s standard form. The report will indicate which items were inspected, which items are in need of immediate repair or are not performing the function for which they are intended, and any fire, health or safety hazards observed. Items not included in the written report shall not be considered good or bad from any lack of notation. No verbal statements by the inspector shall expand the scope of this agreement nor will such statements be relied upon when solicited from the inspector by the Client at the time of inspection or any other time. 
8. Acceptance: This contract is solely between the inspection company named above and the undersigned Client for whom the inspection was performed. Acceptance of the written report constitutes acceptance of the items of this contract. The findings on the written report are the sole property of the Client and may not be used by any other person without the written consent of the Client. 
9. Warranty: No warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied as a result of this inspection. The inspection report is valid only for the day and time of the inspection, because appliances and building systems can develop problems at the most unexpected times, even on the day of inspection. The Client recognizes that there are NO REPRESENTATION OF WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE on the future life for items inspected. The inspector does not take responsibility for reporting non-compliance with any building, electrical, mechanical or plumbing codes established by municipal ordinances.
10. Discrepancies: In the event a discrepancy should develop regarding the services provided to the Client by Homespec, the Client agrees to the following procedure. (A) Client agrees to notify Homespec of the problem by telephone, or otherwise, within two (2) business days and allow Homespec five (5) business days to respond to the Client’s call. (B) In the event the problem has not been resolved within the time set forth above and Client desires to make a formal complaint Client shall initiate the complaint procedure by sending a written complaint to Homespec by certified mail, return receipt requested, fully explaining which items are involved and the nature of the complaint. (C) Client agrees NOT to disturb or have repaired anything which may constitute evidence relating to the complaint, except in the case of an emergency. (D) Client agrees to allow Homespec to examine the items involved in the complaint and to allow Homespec thirty (30) days from the date of the above notice to determine, by mutual agreement, if any further action should be taken.
11. Attorney’S Fees: If a lawsuit is filed by the Client against Homespec and Homespec successfully defends against the claim of the Client or lawsuit, the Client agrees to pay Homespec reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs incurred in defending against such claims. If a lawsuit is filed by Homespec to collect monies due and owing under this contract, Client agrees to pay Homespec reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs and expenses incurred in such lawsuit. 
12. Processing Fee: The Client understands and agrees that Homespec’s fee for inspection of the property as described in this contract is due and payable at the time of the inspection. Client may, by prior arrangement, authorize the escrow agent to pay the inspection fee at closing. Client understands that Client is responsible for payment of the inspection fee whether or not anyone purchases the property. Client hereby authorizes the escrow agent closing the sale of the above described property for the Client to pay Homespec the inspection fee out of the funds received at closing. In the event that the Earnest Money Contract does not close, the Client authorizes the escrow agent to pay the inspection fee out of the earnest money being held.   
13. Limitation Of Liability: (A) The liability of Homespec is strictly limited to the specific areas which were inspected and which were specifically requested to be inspected by Client in writing prior to the inspection.  (B) The Client agrees that Homespec will have no liability for latent defects which cannot be observed through normal inspection nor can be determined by normal testing or operation, and it is specifically agreed and understood that: Mechanical devices may operate at one moment and later malfunction: therefore, Homespec’s liability is specifically limited to those situations where it can be conclusively shown that the mechanical device inspected was inoperable or in the immediate need of repair or not performing the function for which is was intended at the time of inspection. (C) The Client agrees that Homespec will have no liability for failing to detect a defect, malfunction, inoperative condition or necessity for repair where the defect, malfunction, inoperative condition or need for repair was concealed or covered up, whether intentional or otherwise. (D) The Client agrees that Homespec will have no liability for incidental or consequential damages. Any liability of Homespec shall be limited to the amount of the inspection fee actually paid by the Client to Homespec. 

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